Dental hygiene

is a necessary part of modern dentistry

only a well motivated and instructed patient can prevent repeated causes of decay or gum infection

we provide

  • removal of tooth tartar
  • removal of pigmentation
  • dental hygiene instruction – theoretical and practical instruction of teeth brushing
  • tooth whitening
  • we recommend practicing dental hygiene every 3 or 6 months

tooth whitening

  • dental examination  and  eventual removal or tooth tartar and pigmentation by a dental hygienist always precedes tooth whitening (it is necessary that the teeth are without decay or gum infection)

whitening at the surgery

  • tooth whitening by means of an acceleration lamp (duration-1 hour)

home whitening

  • application of whitening gel into individually made guard trays which the patient applies twice a day for two weeks

internal whitening

  • required for gray colored teeth. Gray color is usually caused by an injury or  unsuitable treatment of root canals (is usually only on one tooth)
  • after the removal of the cause, a whitening unit is inserted into the tooth. It is left inside the tooth for one week and afterwards the tooth is closed with a composite filling


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