Dental Prosthesis

treatment of teeth using veneers, crowns, bridges or removable dentures

fixed dentures

  • highly aesthetic tooth compensations which are unrecognizable to the human eye
  • all ground down teeth can always be temporarily fixed


  • correct the shape, color and location of teeth
  • used material for veneers is porcelain which is highly resistant even in thin layers, only the top layer of tooth enamel is milled so the veneer can be attached


  • supply a large loss of tooth tissue caused by a decay or injury, or fills in large spaces between teeth
  • choice of two types of crowns – metal-porcelain or all-porcelain


  • supply for lost teeth by placing a bridge on surrounding teeth which are sharpened to crowns
  • material used is either metal-porcelain or all-porcelain
  • the space can also be repaired by a dental implant

removable dentures

  • resin implants which are not closely fixed and are easy to remove
  • substitute for a loss of a group of teeth


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